GIF Construction Set
For those that don't know, those little picture animations you see on web pages are usually animated gifs (a series of GIF images displayed in rapid succession). Although as of late there are some new entries in the field, for making your own gif animations, the GIF Construction Set remains the standard. Includes a "Wizard" to help you quickly put together an animation (usually I hate wizards, but this one is actually useful). Also included is a tool for making animated banners.
PaintShop Pro
The best shareware graphics editor available... period.
The king of the image mappers. Helps you create client or server side image maps with ease. If you're an html newbie you might be asking "What's an image map?". This is an image map. (Click various spots on the picture) You should know that this is an old freeware copy of MapThis. The developer of this dandy image mapper has gone on to develop LiveImage, the shareware successor to MapThis. - Resources for Web Authors
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