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Microsoft® Design Gallery LiveExceptional Resource!
"Graphics, photos, sounds, and Web animations, find all the tools you need for creating lively, attention-getting documents, presentations, and Web pages here in Design Gallery Live." Excellent searchable archive of high quality images and more. The site requires is meant to be integrated with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Works, but if you are reasonably skilled at manipulating images, you should still be able to make use of the clipart in your web pages.
NetVet - Animal Images
Tons of links to animal images. From fishes to mooses to scorpions to guinea pigs... if it's a critter pic you want - find it here.
The Iconolog
Icons, plus some icons, and a huge section of icons, and to top it off... more icons. Thousands and thousands of little icons arranged by category.
Every single graphic, sprite and texture from Doom, Doom2 and Duke Nukem3D all in one spot. Some of those textures make pretty cool web page backgrounds. Also contains all sounds and music from the games.
Ender Design: Realm Graphics Web Images
"...the One Stop Shop for web development images!" And I'd say that just about covers it. A large assortment of bullets, buttons, icons and even a few very well done design sets. Also, an outstanding selection of quality background images aranged by category- Brushed, fabrics & weaves, marbled, paper, etc. If you click on a background swatch you can see a page displayed with that background.
Bimsan's Free Web Graphics
Lot's of professionally done web sets, backgrounds, dividers and icons.
The Graphics Station
If you're looking for buttons, lines or other web images, you'll want to wander over to this site. Included also are some colorful backgrounds, a bunch of animated gifs and a whole bunch of Mozillas! (formerly known as The Icon Depot) - Graphic Design
Lots and lots of links to graphic design related sites. Design tips, clipart, fonts, software... if it's related to graphic design, you find something here.
Star Boulevard Transload Service
Are you a WebTV'er? Ever wondered how you can download graphics when you can't download graphics? Well, you don't... you Trans-load them. This service, available to all, will transfer any small file from a website to your website. No hard drive needed. Pretty cool.
Animation Factory
Awesome site! Thousands of high quality animated gifs. There is a huge free section and an even HUGER membership section.
Abstract Dimensions PSP Tips
If your artistic skills are a little rough, then stop by this site for a few step by step tips from the pros. Learn how to create many effects with Paint Shop Pro.
The Icon Browser
Rather large selection of icons in gif format. Many of the icons are black & white or of limited value but the archive is searchable which is a very definite plus.
WebSite Designs Ltd
A very nice collection of buttons, icons, backgrounds and page sets.
Hi-Tech Image Archive
A nice collection of lines, bullets & backgrounds.
Fookes Portfolio
Swiss and North-European Lanscapes photos by Eric Fookes (Best known as the creator of the NoteTab text editor). This stunning collection of outdoor photos is of some of the most beautiful land in the world.
Background City
A very nice collection of original backgrounds and textures.
An FTP site that I stumbled upon that has quite a few images broken down by category. It's got a little of everything. Definitely worth a bookmark.
Lycos MultiMedia
You thought Lycos was just a search engine? Well, it will help you search for images, sounds and movie clips too. Search or browse through a giant multimedia gallery, or use the Lycos engine to search the web for just what you want (hopefully).
Grin Graphics
An outstanding collection of black & white line art in PCX format. 155 images (mostly of people) in two zip files.
Icon Bazzar
A very well organized collection of icons and small images.
IrfanView Image Collection
I stumbled on this site by accident... and I'm glad I did! There are about 25 gorgeous high-quality photographs here! Animals and scenery mostly. Also a nice collection of high quality animated gifs. While you're there, pick up a copy of his image viewer. I use it every day and I like it a lot.
Jaguarwoman's Webgraphics
Beautiful and professionally done page sets/layouts.
Traffic Signs
If you need a any kind of common traffic sign, this is the place. Dozens of high quality images. Well categorized and complete.
The Clip Art Connection
A huge collection of clipart. Many categories and many artists. They've also tapped into large B&W line drawing clipart archives such as Funet, the CMU English Server collection and the alt.binaries.clip-art archive.
"The Net's best clipart, font, photo and web graphic links. Ranked by traffic and quality." Well, I don't know about the best, certainly a lot of links though. Some of their affiliate sites have those annoying 'pop up on close' windows. It's like getting shot in the back of the head with a rubberband when you try to leave. Still, quite a bit of clipart.
Venus Animated Gifs Archive
A well organized and searchable collection of animated gifs. Organized by subject and further classified by size. Images have been collected from all over the web.
Wonderful collection of professionally drawn vector images in WMF format. Note that this has a full install program and with the installation, you get a file viewer. (Like golly gee, graphic file viewers are hard to come by. Still worth the download though.)
Paint Shop Pro Resources - Tutorials
A couple dozen PSP effects explained step by step. Lots to see and learn here. - Resources for Web Authors
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