Virtual Free WebMaster Tools
Huge list of free stuff for webmasters. Graphics, applets, services etc. Something for everybody.
A Handful of Computing Dictionaries
Here three online dictionaries that I've found useful from time to time...
1) FOLDOC (Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing)
2) The WWW Acronym and Abbreviation Server
3) Internet Hyper-Glossary
Made a homepage with someone's cool tutorial and now you're looking for a free place to put it? Look no further. Tripod gives 50mb free homepage space to anyone who wants it. (50mb, by the way, is PLENTY of space for your average homepage).
Search Engine Watch
Everything you wanted to know about search engines but were afraid to ask. Here you will learn not only how they work, but also how to improve your site's ranking with them. There is a free section and a subscription section. The free section still contains a lot of useful information.
FontFace - Font of the Day
A new and exciting font every day. Plus a small archive. - Resources for Web Authors
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