HTML Compendium
A reference listing all HTML elements past & present. Quite a bit of information here. A little lacking in the organization department though.
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
I would venture to say that this document has probably taught HTML to more people than anything else on the Net. A very well written guide.
Doctor HTML
Run your page(s) through this cool online app and it will analyze it for structural errors, spelling errors and more. It's like an HTML validator but you get a little more info back. I ran one of my pages through it and although it came back with no HTML errors :-) it did find a missspelled word.
"From Net beginners to webmasters, is the fastest way to learn about the Web and the art of web site creation. From browsing to authoring, from HTML to advanced site design, we'll keep you up-to-date, informed, and in touch."
HTML Color Charts
A chart (HTML table) with nicely sized swatches of all 216 non-dithering Netscape colors. Also an expanded chart of 1552 colors. It's very handy for picking out web page colors. Also available is a zip file containing both charts.
HTML Goodies
So you want a great HTML site, huh? Well, there's something here for everyone. Great tutorials covering all aspects of web page design, javascript tutorials, and even a web graphics collection.
Color Picker
Color Picker is an easy to use JavaScript based web page color picker. It features Netscape's 216 browser-safe colors or you can choose your background color from a chart of over 1500 colors. With it you can also change to bold or italic, change fonts and font sizes, and even easily test with different background images. A downloadable version is available for offline use. - Resources for Web Authors
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