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  • Access to more material that's not available in the free area.
  • Access to full versions of all tutorials.
  • All online material is served without advertisements - pages will download much faster.
  • Access to site-wide search capability.
  • Access to newest full versions of Frames Tutor, Form Tutor and Table Tutor... all ad-free and all downloadable.
  • Access to the full Javascript Tutor and CSS Primer plus you can download zipped versions for use offline.
  • Access to the full GateKeeper tutorial that goes beyond a simple password protection script and demonstrates a powerful and highly customizable tool for site access control.
  • The Magic Buttons javascript mouseover tutorial is expanded from a quick & dirty explanation of a simple effect, into a full blown tutorial that digs deep into the "image object" and will allow you to put all sorts of cool mouseover effects on your page.
  • Access to Meta Tag Primer and other suggestions for effectively improving your search engine rankings.
  • A much requested piece covering how to put the little icon in Explorer's location bar.
  • The membership section is updated and improved on a more regular basis. Most new material is added to the members area only.
  • Membership is for life. Pay once and you're set.
   PageTutor Manual & Companion CD - $28.95

The main PageTutor courses are now available in a neatly bound print version. The manual contains over 180 pages and includes So, you want to make a Web Page!, Table Tutor, Form Tutor and Frames Tutor. Also in the manual is the Bare Bones Guide to HTML, all the quick indexes, How to Upload Your Pages, Frequently Asked Questions and a handy web safe color chart.

Now you can go through the lessons while away from your computer. You can take the lessons with you, curl up in bed or sit on a park bench and learn a little HTML. While it is almost exactly the same as the online lessons, it is a complete re-write from the ground up. I tried to keep in mind you are looking at a book rather than a computer screen and it has all the niceties of a good manual such as a Table of Contents, Index, etc.

And... on the PageTutor companion CD is a TON of free clipart. Many thousands of images gathered far and wide for use in your web pages. I've put them all together in a series of web pages so you can quickly thumb through them in your web browser. There's plenty here to handle your artwork needs.

   Javascript Tutor - Printed Version - $26.95

After quite a few requests, Javascript Tutor is also available in book form. The book is approximately 115 pages and is comprised of 2 main sections... the lessons, and the examples. It will make for some great offline studying.

Along with the book you'll get download access to the current full version of Javascript Tutor.

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