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While the GateKeeper is a nifty piece of JavaScript that rather effectively password protects pages, there is a more "by the book" method... HTTP authentication. This is entirely server based and under most circumstances, you can use it.

Here is an example of a .htaccess protected directory.

My Secret Page!

(Username is ronny and password is reagan)

The procedure to set this up can vary somewhat depending on your web host, so I'll just give you a few links...

Google on the subject
Mosaic User Authentication Tutorial
Apache Week: Using User Authentication

Keep in mind too that your web host may utilize a control panel where you can password protect directories through a nifty web interface. Look in your web hosts help section for info.

Also, because I thought it might help*, I set up a protected directory and documented it step by step complete with screen captures...

HTTP Authentication example & run through

* You'll hear computer people talk about how simple this stuff is. It is simple... after you've done it a few times. That's the part they forget about. So, if at first you struggle, and fumble, and curse the day you ever bought your computer - you're normal. After a few times though, you too will be able to boast... "http authorization is a very simple matter to set up".